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Beaches & Islands

From city beaches to secluded spots where you’ll share the sand with more wildlife than humans, discover the gorgeous beaches and islands across Australia

Islands of Australia 

Australia is surrounded by stunning islands. Luxurious, adventurous, rugged, or remote - there’s an island suited to every paradise seeker. Whether it's visiting Western Australia's Rottnest island where the island is a true sanctuary: private cars are not allowed or taking time to enjoy The Whitsunday Islands, located in Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef, as it boasts some of the country’s most beautiful scenery. Go beyond well-known destinations to discover Australia’s beach and island gems. You’ll soon learn why the sand and sea hold such a special place in our national identity.

Luxury Experiences

Australia’s premium experiences are about finding inspiration in exclusive places, chasing your passion, and pausing to revel in moments of true awe. Swim through serene waters with whale sharks and stroll through giant karri trees before falling asleep in a luxe lodge and waking up to a sunrise over the majestic red dirt of the outback. In every corner of the country you’ll find extravagant experiences you’ll never forget.

Iconic Beaches

Bright blue waters, soft sand, and incredible surf are just a few things you’ll enjoy at any one of Australia’s most beautiful beaches. Beach culture truly encapsulates the 'no worries' attitude that defines so much of Australia. The beach is a place that exudes calm and relaxation, and with 37,000 miles of coastline to go around, it’s not hard to find a quiet space of sand all to yourself. Drive just two hours north from Brisbane and you’ll stumble upon Noosa, a sleepy seaside town with impeccable beaches. If you're looking for something more bustling visit Australia's most famous beach, the infamous Bondi with golden sands and quality surf you'll discover why travelers love this iconic beach. 


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